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OSGi Alliance Builds Momentum, Announces 2008 Community Event

OSGi Alliance Community Event Builds on 2007 Adoption and Deployment Momentum

The OSGi™ Alliance announced today an important OSGi technology conference for 2008 that will expand on adoption and deployment gains made in 2007. The OSGi Community Event is June 10-11, 2008, in Berlin. The conference presents opportunities to learn about and even influence OSGi technology, OSGi Alliance strategy and activities, and worldwide adoption and deployment of OSGi specifications as the platform for universal middleware.

“Across multiple industries, including mobile, enterprise and embedded, the alliance has extended its reach from developer communities to successful commercial and open source deployments by vendors for their customers. That extension and growth will continue as we continue to foster the OSGi development community,” said Stan Moyer, president of the OSGi Alliance from Telcordia Technologies, Inc. “These conferences help the OSGi community fulfill its mission to create a market for universal middleware through specification development and widespread adoption of the open standard.”

In June, the OSGi Community Event program tackles both technical and business perspectives on OSGi technology. Members and others interested in the technology and the alliance gather to learn about and share best practices and implementations of OSGi technology.

“The OSGi Community Event is an excellent opportunity to explore the OSGi Alliance and its work firsthand,” said Dr. Susan Schwarze, OSGi Alliance vice president of marketing from ProSyst Software. “Participants benefit from face-to-face discussions with developers and decision-makers who can explain how and why OSGi technology works in the market and how it addresses pain points across many industries.”

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The conference and other alliance activities in 2008 will build upon momentum gained in 2007 and early 2008:

  • the OSGi Alliance launched two new technical expert groups to offer a standardized solution for the enterprise market and to provide standardized solutions for service providers and operators;
  • the OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core Specification Version 4.1 was also included in Java Specification Request 291;
  • the OSGi Alliance accessibility broadened with a new participation level, the supporter class;
  • the OSGi Alliance is holding its Developers Conference at EclipseCon this week;
  • the OSGi Alliance membership grew to more than 60 members.

The 2008 board of directors is comprised of Edward Cobb of BEA Systems, Dan Bandera of IBM, Eric Newcomer of IONA Technologies, Dr. John Barr of Motorola, Dr. Ryutaro Kawamura of NTT, Kimmo Löytänä of Nokia, Anish Karmarkar of Oracle, Schwarze of ProSyst Software, Seok-Ha Koh of Samsung Electronics, Frank Mittag of SAP and Moyer of Telcordia Technologies.

For the first time, BEA, Iona and SAP were elected to the OSGi board of directors.

“OSGi technology represents an important component of our product strategy," said Edward Cobb, vice president, Emerging Technology & Standards at BEA Systems. "We are pleased to join the OSGi Board of Directors to help direct the course of the alliance and its technologies.”

"We are honored by our election and the opportunity to contribute to the future direction of the OSGi Alliance, including the significant effort to define an enterprise edition of OSGi technology, and to help broaden the adoption of this tremendously significant technology. As a member of the Eclipse Board, we find ourselves at the intersection of a growing runtime community and ecosystem around OSGi technology, and are very pleased to incorporate Eclipse tooling and OSGi runtimes into our Artix and FUSE products," said Newcomer of IONA Technologies.

About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to assure interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform. The alliance provides specifications, reference implementations, test suites and certification to foster a valuable cross-industry ecosystem. OSGi technology is delivered in many Fortune Global 100 company products and services. Member companies collaborate within an egalitarian, equitable and transparent environment and promote adoption of OSGi technology through business benefits, user experiences and forums. For more information on the non-profit technology corporation, visit

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