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Interview for the IDN at ICW

Last week I gave an interview for my companies developer network. Of course such thing isn’t much of a big deal. I mean it’s the company you are working for – they are always looking for content for their website, but for me however this was different. In my blog I usually tend to talk about technical things and not so much about the actual things I am working on. This has several reasons, for one I am kinda happy to be able to be involved in more than just one thing. Diversity is great, because it gives you the chance to think outside the box, so it became a hobby of mine to do some small side project to get to know different technologies just for fun. Another reason is that you never know what your allowed to say. Is this topic meant to be communicated to the outside or not, is it strategic,… you know what I am talking about.

In the interview, I had the chance to actually talk about our latest development and highlight some of the amazing things we are working on. Being involved in OSGi for years now, I got to see quiet some OSGi based projects and designs and believe me most of them seem like toy projects compared to the degree of OSGi utilization the team I am working in has achieved. Working with OSGi behind the curtains for about 4 years we have several products based on a core framework, which is currently driven towards the first product line that is actually worth being called so. Unfortunately I have to note that only very little of this credit belongs to me. Most of it was done before I joined the company. Although it was the reason, why I joined, I am still amazed by how much we are working on the cutting – sometimes more “bleeding” – edge, like OSGi security. I don’t want to sound like some marketing guy promoting something, but if you’re interested in the technology and are looking for real applications running in the field – have a look at my interview. Enough said… Many thanks to my team for the great work and the inspiring and friendly environment one just have to love working in.



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Mirko Jahn worked for several years as an independent software consultant and tutor before joining the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) group at IBM Research. At present, his major research areas cover component-based development strategies, component repositories, and migration approaches toward modular applications, along with service-oriented architecture. Mr. Jahn is heavily involved in making use of OSGi component-based developement
standards in UIMA.